Welcome to the Frontier, your escape from becoming just another corporate cog. But with this freedom comes new kinds of dangers: terrifying xenobeasts, bloodthirsty pirates, and unfathomable anomalies. A crew is assembled to investigate when a wormhole spits out a century-old wreckage. What they find will lead them into the Frontier’s darkest mysteries.


Legacy is one of HHS's founders. They have been part of the TTRPG space since 2015 and they strive to make the table feel inclusive and welcoming. They have a flair for the dramatic and a love for systems.


Overthinker has been in the TTRPG space since he first received the core rulebooks for D&D3.5 as a child. Overthinker is dedicated to creating the most entertaining story for his fellow players and the audience, and strives to create a space that is welcoming and safe to both newcomers and old hands in the hobby.


Solomon has always been a fan of RPGs since he got into videogames at a young age, and as someone who loves to write his own stories it was a match made in heaven. After a Youtube series showed him D&D 4th edition, he immediately dove into making his own campaigns, using the systems he found as bones to set his stories. Nearly two decades of time as a player and game master have helped him to shape his style as a roleplayer, and helped him to find his niche in HHS.


Freyja fell into the TTRPG scene when she played her first game of D&D 3E when she was 14. She has been a dedicated writer and storyteller for many years and brings a passion for the arts where ever she is be it in theater or the ER. She strives to create an immersive story that both the audience and players lose themselves in.


Kippahkid's journey into the TTRPG world began at the age of 12 when they played a game of D&D 3.5 in the basement of their local library. Since then, they have become a player and storyteller in a plethora of games and systems, including Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, and Powered by the Apocalypse. From serving as president of their college's tabletop gaming club to developing their own TTRPG, they strive to create compelling stories and memorable moments.