Scion: Apotheosis

Step into a whole new world where the mythic and the mundane become one with Scion: Apotheosis! Follow the stories of a group of scions – or demigods – as they find out what they are and face impossible foes and odds. An army of fenris wolves are after scion hearts, giants control former underworlds, and the titans breaking free of their prisons are ever-present threats in The World of Scion.

Meet the Cast


Gary first got his start in TTRPGs back in 2015 when he was introduced to D&D 5E. In the years since. he's become interested in other systems and has always been fond of the fantasy genre, finding creative outlets through storytelling, and introducing friends into the tabletop gaming sphere. This eventually led him to take part in several games on HHS, such as Chill: The Office, and Hunter: Wayfarer. While still exploring new and interesting systems, his favorite ones are currently Scion 1e and D&D 5e. He also has really great hair.


Sam, or Sticker, is a technically born and raised New Yorker who has had a mental timeshare in the land of TTRPGs for the last 12 years. She started with D&D 3E in high school and has yet to turn back since. She loves to take on different characters and challenge herself further with every character. She’s been in many productions at Hallowed Haven Studios and has no favorite system. “I don’t care how or why I roll the dice. I care about the fun times and the bits in between."

Gavin Cash

Gavin Cash is a voice actor with experience in audiobook narration, podcasting, and commissioned content. His tabletop experience spans from D&D 3.5e all the way into the ongoing playtesting in addition to a variety of Storyteller systems, hacks, and heartbreaks. He can be found goofing around on social media as @GavinReadsWords, drafting custom homes at his desk, and telling stories from his booth. His current favorite systems are Pathfinder 2e and Don't Rest Your Head

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