Fallout: Harsh Static

What was just another day in the Mojave Wasteland gets interrupted by the pounding of metal feet and strange feedback through the radio. Rumors of odd robots and settlements going dark have people outside The Strip on edge, and things only seem to be getting worse when the Brotherhood of Steel is getting involved.

Join our intrepid survivors as they brave the dangers of the wastes in search of the truth, encountering mechanical menaces along the way. Will they make their mark and conquer the day, or end up as another lyric in a sad old song?

Meet the Cast


Legacy is one of HHS's founder. They have been part of the TTRPG space since 2015 and strrive to make the table feel inclusive and welcoming. They have a flair for the dramatic and a love for the system.


Alereg is a long time member of the HHS community and has been the voice of many a character and the face for a few more. Playing TTRPGs has been a passion of his since early childhood and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. A love of music, the theatrical arts, and playing games, he is happy to take a leading role at the table and share it with some excellent friends he has made. After all, "It's far more fun to game alongside a buddy."


Adarael is Tyler Carpenter, a guy who's been playing RPGs for 30+ years, since he attended a birthday party where his choices were "AD&D or Battletech" and he chose both. Former journalist, web designer, and both former and current game designer, he currently works with the homeless of Los Angeles trying to get them inside and stable, rather than on the street and hopeless.


Termite has been active in the TTRPG space for 7 years, starting with her introduction to D&D 5e. Since then, she's experienced a handful of systems and lore sets. She has been a part of several HHS projects as both a guest star and a player, and is the youngest member of our staff.

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