Three weeks ago, the war for Chicago began.

It started with a lie – a false flag attack by the Black Spiral Dancers to incite the local vampires against the werewolves. The Dancers had vampire allies of their own, who attacked the werewolves’ sacred site of the Fanum, and released the Celestine, Jupiter, from within. Now both sides are preparing for war, unaware that the dead and the burned were all a ruse, not that vampires and werewolves need an excuse most of the time. One pack of five garou are thrust into this war, aimed at the enemy with promises of glory ringing in their ears. But war is a crucible, and these five werewolves will be burned, reduced, and remade in the questions of what is worth dying for and what is worth killing for. All under a Blood Red Moon.


Arinoth is a relative newbie to World of Darkness at large, but has found a thorough enjoyment of just how much that's gone wrong in his life can be blamed on the Tremere. He's an avid enjoyer of TTRPGs, runs a text-based RP server for the game Conan Exiles, uses sarcasm as a coping mechanism, and one day thinks he might finally be able to call himself a roleplayer. His current favorite systems are VTM/Werewolf the Wild West and Legend of the Five Rings: Fourth Edition, with D&D 3.5 holding a special place in his heart for being the first game he found a regular group for.


Psycheshire is a voice actress with experience in Voice Acting for Trailers, TTRPG both live and recorded, and in Cosplay or Audio Acting. She has extensive experience across numerous RPG lines and has starred in shows under various studios. She serves as the Owner/Partner of a new TTRPG Server hub to host those wanting to play and ST TTRPG Games. Psycheshire has experience in video/audio creation and loves to play video games. She streams various video games and is part of the Dark Pack Content Creators within World of Darkness Discord.

Gavin Cash

Gavin Cash is a voice actor with experience in audiobook narration, podcasting, and commissioned content. His tabletop experience spans from D&D 3.5e all the way into the ongoing playtesting in addition to a variety of Storyteller systems, hacks, and heartbreaks. He can be found goofing around on social media as @GavinReadsWords, drafting custom homes at his desk, and telling stories from his booth. His current favorite systems are Pathfinder 2e and Don't Rest Your Head.

Bloodied Porcelain

Porcelain has been participating in the TTRPG hobby space in one form or another for over 25 years, including writing and editing for various TTRPG projects. Her current favorite systems are Scion 1st edition, 7th Sea 1st edition, and Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition.


Bookkeeper is the studio's resident Old, having first started playing Dungeons & Dragons the same year Reagan was elected as President. Having been through most of the different phases of a TRPG players life - rabid min-maxer, unrelenting dramatist, miniature hoarder, and diceless weirdo - he has settled into a high-roleplay style that emphasizes character competency and telling a good story. He wrote his Master's Thesis on Procedural Rhetoric in TRPGs, which should make all of you question the value of higher education. He's from the Government and here to help.