Welcome to Willoughby Falls! A sprawling little mid western town, home to the Willoughby Wallobys and the famous chocolate spider cake. Yes, here in the Falls, everything stays quiet and crime is at all all time low. Sure there are the random fires, unearthed graves and suddenly missing middle aged balding men. But what small town doesn’t have constant UFO sightings, Bigfoot hunting boy scout adventures and a seance club every Wednesday. Just average things for a small town. It’ll all be quiet soon. All of it…


Stabbykinz is 27 years old and a fan video games, TTRPG's, and building gaming rigs. He loves voicing a wide variety of characters, both as GM and player: from a bullied dwarf and a twimbo god-in-disguise, to Geralt of Rivia and even a gnoll gearhead!


At 24 years old, Jimmy has been playing TTRPGs for the past 7 years. Despite being soft spoken, he is frequently eager to be the center of chaos. They are always there to spur on the action and story.

Hannah Marie

Hannah has been playing TTRPGs for eight years since her friends dragged her into a D&D 5e game and she just never left. Over those eight years she has been exposed to many new people and different systems that have helped her develop as a player, a game master, and above all, a storyteller. Outside of games, Hannah is also an artist in the TTRPG space with a passion for character illustration. She is very excited for her first game with HHS and is very hopeful that it will be the first of many.