The Chicago Chronicles

In 1990s Chicago, a group of young kindred have been invited to party with the illustrious Annabelle Triabell, will this be an evening of kindred politics or is something more sinister at play? Join us for a story of intrigue and horror as the city of Chicago begins its decent into chaos.


Meet the Cast


At 24 years old, Jimmy has been playing TTRPGs for the past 7 years. Despite being soft spoken, he is frequently eager to be the center of chaos. They are always there to spur on the action and story.



Anarcho has been interested in the WoD for two years. He likes to take risks in game, often leading to actions that indicate a wonton disregard for the health and safety of his characters.


Legacy is one of HHS's founders. They have been part of the TTRPG space since 2015 and strives to make the table feel inclusive and welcoming. They have a flair for the dramatic and a love for the system.


GR is a TTRPG fan from Canada with a particular love of World of Darkness games. He really enjoys horror stories and heavy focus on roleplaying in chronicles he runs/plays in!


A mercurial young gadabout with a head full of caffeine-fuelled notions, Jazzy (he/him) loves roleplaying in all its forms. He lives in Pennsylvania with his cats, and enjoys horror stories, folk music, and cooking.

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